Poetry Contest 30 JULY 2011

Hey poets, 
I know summer is the best time for inspiration, so put some of that to good use and submit before July 30 and let us know about your submission process or how you decide which poems are ready for contests like these!!

–keep writing

Dear Colleague,

The Best Poems Encyclopedia would like to call for submissions for its second annual Poetry print Anthology for the best 303 creative works and poems written of the year and develop a new collection dedicated to promote the best poets in english literature and also discover young emerging creative writers and poets among academic and social poetry diaspora. The deadline for submission is 30 July 2011. All current members and those who join in advance of the deadline are eligible. Submissions are free and information on how to submit directly via the online form can be found at our website http://www.best-poems.net
We hope to receive your best poems and works that deal in some way with these themes: the focus may be on issues of modern life daily experiences in poetry of any genre. What we want are submissions that address the theme(s) of Human Relationships, Borders, Identity, Love, Life and Death, War and Peace, Inspirational, Politics, Women, etc… in new and exciting ways that allow our readers to see the multiplicity of angles and issues these broad headings generate.

Submissions are open to any poet from confirmed ones to new emerging ones. 
Also,we would be grateful to you if you can transmit, share and publish this Call for Submissions and information among your poetry and literary community websites.

Warmest Regards

Eva Reynolds

The Best Poems Encyclopedia

One thought on “Poetry Contest 30 JULY 2011

  1. For those of you looking to post, the contest closed on the 12th. They moved up the date without telling anyone!!

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