Poem 4


Was there a fish that could not swim?
Fluttering birdlike in the water,
Until she drowned of effort dim,
Blinded by a lost ambition,
Was there a fish that could not swim?

Does his shape decide him?
Are the animals decided at birth,
Even before they breathe the air?
What if a fish could breath the air?
And swim about the trees, a hawk.

If the air was thick for fingers to run through,
Dense syrup of the sea,
Then could a fish wander above,
Dashing in and out if houses,
Making coral homes of traffic lights?

Was there a fish that could not swim, 
But use her fins for feet
And gasp in the lesser of the two blue
Bodies in her gill-less swelling lungs?
Was there a fish that would not swim?

Was the seaweed too dark for her eyes,
Would she trade bubbles for lies?
Did she wish to feel sand laden floors
With petal-like fins for feet? 
And be heard with echoing sonic cries?

The silence of the sea would swollow
A fish that could not swim,
And leave her scales oil drenched or hollow.
So with all the oceans dimming, 
Are we the fish who just stopped swimming?


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