Poem 36

Exams will be postponed due to weather

or not we could have seen this coming. 
I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t take you in, Blind Faith,
but I’ve told you already with damp cheeks
on a car-ride I never expected to take. With you,
all three hours drenched in conversation
save the two minutes following my confession
at an unnaturally lethargic red light 
where you held my head in your hands
saying nothing. No need to…

it’s quiet in my mind–hush now–are you listening?

All love-storied begins and ends. Beginnings
stable like settling sidewalks beget endings promiscuous.
I promised myself it would be short lived.

I’ll remember this as the part of my life I regret
the least. I won’t remember this at all since 
it’s Thursday of exam week and two days ago–
this very morning–we woke with a start upon
an alarm I set with the inkling it might last all evening.

I knew we would oversleep, the body needs
more than three of anything: three hours, three weeks
three one syllable words. We’ll get there, I’ll set my alarm. 

Come April with a bang and whimper among the 
intermediary noises constructing conversation; 
come April I’m still impressed we weathered March. 

Sitting on a self folding seat next to a stranger, 
last night I watched books collect dust while 
she–unexpected–anticipated our arrival, but only I
met her at the door. Reading the world to life
with her lips while I watched imaginary mind curls 
(the kind one pulls from the edge of a liberated leaflet)
dance as she collected them: one then two and three…

All together with a deep breath in, the room stomachs
memories like a barrel of pickling cucumbers. Youth
sours before us, but you and I will be together nonetheless…

I had expected as much. 

Poem 36 Edited Poem 36 Revised

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