Poem 39

Impossibility of the cosmos
Through a lens into the eye
Smoke and mirrors in a telescope
Denounce the good book as a lie
But to stone crowds battled churches
And what mighty God had wrought
All was muted by the gavel
Muzzled now but not forgot
Lock a man up with his findings
Hide him in a book
Blinded in his conquest
The mortal world unshook
When truth is undeniable
And still they lend deaf ears
When science is irrelevant
Discovery disappears
He will sleep oblivious
Fight breathlessly his finds
The sun and moon traverse the Earth
Cornerstones to limit minds
Chain him to the lectern
Appease who disapproves.
“Muove Tuttavilla”
No matter, she still moves. 

Poem 39 EditingPoem 39 Revised

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