Poem 33

a year old poem for D

Radio waves and coiling wires
Airplane tickets and balding tires
These are the things that fill the spaces
That come between our waning faces

I have a map of this land aging
Left behind, from prior staging. 
Getting me from here to there
Took more than a passing care.

Believe me I can see the distance
And for a moment muse the instance
Where all the cities scrunch together
And we could touch the end. However…

No scissors or sharpened blades, 
Could cut the way the land cascades.
When I am here… and you are there. 
And I can feel you everywhere.


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Poem 32

a poem about someone i love (W) ; written nine months ago; apparently still true

It’s quite a life I live
In this (w)hole
With you and my heart
On my sleeve
And the balloons you bring
To help me breathe

I was a fish once;
Twice… For I while if
I remember correctly
Until the water dried away
and you found me here 
Where you filled me with air

But this is quite a life
If I may say with my mute lips
Mouthing my gratitude 
One bubble at a time
Until the sea comes again
And you yank the hooks out


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