New Design

Dear readers (if there are any),

I wanted to let you know, quite obviously, I’ve changed the look of the blog a little… I hope you all like it. My project is coming along pretty well. I now know intimately how awful it is to have an awkward blog where I stand up here… essentially naked. To all the bloggers of the world: congrats. I’m sure this gets less strange over time! (Or maybe we just get more strange and that’s how we can stomach it).

More to the point, I wanted to encourage you all to post (anonymously if you prefer) any work of your own that you would like to share with me and the poets reading along with you. I promise if you post a poem or a photo that there will be a discussion about it led by me… even if I have to just tell you how wonderful it is. This was, after all, intended to be a conversation and not the Emilee show. So, if you would indulge me, talented poets of my readership, be brave and show me your hearts. I promise your work is beautiful; I assure you that the possibility of this being fun is rather high!!

On a less cheesy note I thought I would share my playlist for writing so it might inspire you. I tend to listen to a weird mix so bare with me. But lately these are the songs that tickle my fancy. I will post the Youtube links as well in case you’re like me and hate downloading music.


Florence and the Machine–Heavy
–Dog Days (This video is hilarious btw… oh hipsters)

Imogen Heap–Propeller Seeds
–Shh (The video with this one is weird but its the whole song… so ya know)
–Wait it Out
–Song that Never Was

Cepia–Hoarse (this has a wonderful video too)
–The Undeniable Bend
–Salt Flats

Andrew Belle–In my Veins
–All Pretty Lights
–Be Your Breeze

Sara Barealis–The Light
–Bottle it Up
–Hold my Heart

If you click on them without telling your browser to open a new tab it’ll take you away… so you have to promise you’ll come back. I tried to pick ones without pesky ads to send you to… I ignore the videos most of the time anyway.

They’re a little mellow but they might help!! Let me know what you think and if you guys like this kind of thing!! enjoy the weekend and as always keep writing!!

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