Poem 96

a poem for the nine to five… 
i want someone to say go for it
to say do what you feel in your heart is yourself
instead they say  don’t quit your day job, try your hardest, make the most of it
i am teetering — tip toe on the tinderbox of truth, treading train tracks until i tumble
but no one says JUMP!
they only say land on your feet, shoulders square, like an athlete
make it look simple they say make it look planned
make it feel graceful, make it seem seamless
don’t give it up they say you know not what you have
plastic bag with a hole and I’m sucking the air out
climbed up the window but I can’t get my hips through
peering through the doorway, but I’ve misplaced my glasses
halfway through a hallway; at the end sits an hourglass,
my body won’t long host the curve of an hour glass.
but they tell me sit still, be quiet, listen listen listen….
don’t speak, just listen…
you’ll never learn never learn never learn
                                                                                                                                                                   until i try. 


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