Poem 35 Revised

Curtain Call
Without skin there would be no touching,
No bone-lace latitudes, no glass-gaze eyes
Gauzed in the sultry undressed silence
Of whispered wickedness. With caution
A barb between us, willing to betray
Either direction with the coil of our shadows.
Come now, dance along the wall a shadow
Speak with me the allegory of touch
And treachery, the bliss blind betrayal
Of bare bread and butter spread cautiously
Between linens, tulle torn eye-lines
A masque marked with well-threaded silence.
Plucking at the loom in silence
An overture of unsaid, unsung, shadowed
Sensibilities, where you and I waive caution
Carved in crescent bell curves, curing tactile
Ailments with satin sentiments, diverting sight
Clever clairvoyance, from this vested betrayal.
Breach morality’s sweet betrayal
Bind yourself to my most simple silence
Send off your cowardly clay-made eyes
And discover a bond shared only by shadows
A tameness so tender it could trace
the naked moon. A resounding caution
born of our likeness across the wall. Careful,
Now that it matters, now that we share betrayal
The veil becomes a rifle to be silenced;
A red raw rounding of sharp shape shadows,
Where waits a wildness I dare not touch.
Bound together, possessions of our wide wound eyes.
I am reaching out for a safe landing, looking
To you for a soft descent, suddenly cautious
Of a dismount, peeling away my swaying shadow.
Though ceasing itself is a corporal betrayal
I look now to a mutual mindless silence
To complete the cycl-symmetry of your touch.
Wrapped the tactile trauma of seen and sightless
The wandering carless cartels of bold betrayal
Wrap these silhouettes silent in a curtain fall of night.  

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