Poem 42 Editing

Norm Norm Norm

I’ve talked before about norms. I am pretty sure there is some other name for this, so if you come across it, please comment with that information… I would hate to think in the 21st century we can still make things up without stepping on someone else’s toes. No plagiarism intended… 
This poem is the cornerstone of the concept. So there are little Truths here, but the norm is perfect, if I may say so myself. There is a moment where the reader understands, but then watches the whole scene turn over on its head. The speaker ends up on her ass and the bad guys are actually good guys… and in the end it doesn’t realty matter what happens because the memory, the perspective, is gone. 
I love it. 
And it came from a terrible experience… I found out I was allergic to alcohol in the worst way possible… a story for another time I suppose. But the poem gives the reader something to take a side on, a palatable experience on the ground level. Like I said, no Truth, just people being people. 
So there’s that. A poem with a strong edit: that’s why I’m wasting my life on this project, because it matters. Because editing can clean up all the corners, bring the point to a boil and surprise the poet as much as the reader. 
Keep editing. That’s about it… I’ve talked about norms before, talked about revising out the bad, talked about the issues with rhyme (though it works in this one) and the power of a good ending… all these matter. All these can come together and make sense. So do it… go out and impress yourselves. 

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