A Feast of Excuses

Sorry, sorry, I know it’s been 2 weeks and I might have died. But here I am…

We decided to cut off the internet, which is why you see me posting 10 things in one day like a psociopath (which is not how you spell that, and I’m not even going to check, because it should be authentic and spell check is cheating). Also, per my usual I’ve grossly misrepresented the time I have to do a project for school and I dropped my whole life to binge read Dorothy L. Sayers’ Harriet Vane and Peter Wimsey novels… All I can say is thank god I don’t have internet because I would have gotten no poems or reading done, I would have just been watching Walking Dead and Korean horror films until my bed was too scary to look under. Also my sweetheard built me a yellow library to read and rest in, so there was no use going anywhere with internet when I could be a hobbit in my hole…

Alas, here are my 1,000 excuses, laid before you like a feast, enjoy.

That’s enough nerdyness for one post, I will follow this with poems that have been revised. Look out for the revisions coming soon, but there just isn’t time for it all and my paper takes precident over my little literary dream gyre, and upheaviung the very fiber of all literary thought and process can hold until I’ve done my due diligence with Ms. Sayers.

And while Yeats is right about one thing, I hope my little falcons can hear this falconer while I call for a brief moment of collectivity. If you have no idea what I am saying, please dip your toe into the canon and read “The Second Coming,” it’s lovely.

As Always, Keep Writing.

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