Poem 46 Edited

Poem 46 is a real survivor story. I wrote this in the library while I was procrastinating and trying to make a friend swoon over my fluffy poems. It was a throw away scribbled in the corner of a page in a book I didn’t like, most poems at this level would have been tossed away.

Think about every not-so-important poem you’ve written, then there’s the more serious ones, and the ones you think will make your mom cry.

I am doing this project (reason 457) because there are poems out there waiting to blossom. In my collection, in yours… it’s somethin that we need to be conscious of when we close our scribble journals and never come back to them.

There are things happening below the surface, below your surface that need to be wittled out.

For this poem, there need only be a momentum.

This poem is about a back woods storm that is about to take the town. There will be those who button up and those who meet god fists with bent writst or whatever I ended up saying (see I can’t even quote my own poems, there’s no hope).

Today, take a poem, or a piece of art, or a sketch or a melody you scratched out and didn’t think twice over… I bet it will suprose you.


This poem is a good example of my idea of a comeback. From the corner of my mind this bloomed into something fun to read and overall pleasing to the ear. Is it the best thing I’ve ever written? That’s unlikely. There will be times we scribble, smile and move on. The are other times that a poem will surprise you. If a poem seems fluffy and lame, give it an angle, and watch it sharpen like a pencil.

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