New Name Same Game

Dear Internet,

I bought a website like an adult. And if by chance that isn’t in the handbook of adultness, then it should be… I decree it now. My business cards are on the way (thanks VistaPrint), they look like this:

I realize that this doesn’t make me a famous poet, but it does make me a more legitemate one… (if you didn’t know me before, ta daa…. I’ll be going by ECW, but feel free to stalk if it strikes your fancy, that is the correct spelling of my name.)
If this is your first visit to the site welcome. I don’t expect there will be too much traffic from Google but who knows, now that the site is mature and no longer a blog anything could happen. 
Here are a few fun facts about this resident poet:
I don’t believe in spell check. I will rarely be spell checking these posts so don’t bother pointing it out. All of you are smart enough to tell what I meant to say. I’m a terrible speller in real life (slightly dislexic and keyboard challenged) and I feel that spell check is grammar on sterroids. I probably spelled that wrong too. I want this space to be organic, so I’m not going to comb over every letter. 
I used to be a copywriter slash production coordinator at a company I will not mention the name of here. Just to stress out my parents further (kidding) I left and now make coffee at a local joint. I love it. I rarely make horrible life decisions, but this one I’m pretty happy with. This and a few other events are heavily influencing my life so you’ll see that in my work pretty often. 
Finally, I am a modernist like Pound with a mind for editing like Whitman. I believe in the process more than anything. If I could live in the forest like a transcendentallist for a while I would (but of course I would die.) I’ve gone stone age and cut off my internet at the house. That way I can’t cheat with anymore and I won’t be distracted by Korean horror on Netflix. 
Everyone has a chance to make their mark, this will be mine. I used to be scared my poems would wash away in a flood or that my work would never be published. This space is a safe guard against both of those notions. I don’t know who is reading and what will become of this, but I hope you enjoy the poems and the assembly-line marathon they will be going through here. This little ‘project’ I have going here with the Revising and Editing is part of a bigger whole that will hopefully end me with some solid pieces. We’ll see… 
Maybe it’s just a way to kill time… or maybe I’m just a dog; nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet (do any of you remember that newspaper comic about the internet?) 
Just kidding, these are my dogs: 
(they are three times that size now)
That’s it… I’ll have more poems shortly. Enjoy the new/old website. ACallToVerse is now PoetInProcess, hope that wasn’t too complicated. 
Keep Writing, 

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