Poem 118

Tips Talk—giddy guilty gelt,
Talk about respect, empathy
Eye to eye parallel pathos…
Tips in a jar—crowded, unkept
Bent into angles,
Tips talking amongst themselves
To themselves, about worth, value
Reasonable compensation, rightful spikes
Of indifferent dollars to make up the space
Between new sneakers and holy soles.
Tips talk a big game, make service more personal,
Don’t take it personally if I forgot to grab cash…
Twenty, ten, fifteen, here’s a penny
And three dimes, no time to fumble around
For a fare share, anything that clinks is an insult,
god I hate change, here take it… how generous
generations depend on a few here and there,
could you spare a couple off the top,
Me neither. Not before, but now? How far?
Won’t bend forward for a quarter on the black top
But I’ll bend backwards for a nickel in the tip jar.


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