Poem 56 Editing

This poem, like many from that time, are non-fiction poems, as it were. 

I am sure that these are a form of poetry that has already gotten going, but I wanted to draw some attention to it. The oiece as a whole was a little personal. Often I am wary of calling these poems. For me, the act of editing these is a hard undertaking so often they stay the way that they are for a long time. This one was a little over a few years old. There is nothing harder than taking apart the truth about an event. 

When it comes time to taking these apart remember a few key thoughts. 
1. Changing the content of the poem does not change the moment, so make the poem as independently interesting as the moment that inspired it. 
2. Edit in the lense. Like a photographer sharing the world of their photograph, include just enough to tell a story but not too much to distract from the point. 
3. There should probably be a point. Or some kind or relativity that makes telling the story meaningful. 
4. Don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean there needs to be a moral or a meaning, just a pivotal place to make a mark. 
5. When that mark is made offer some truth that can be universally appreciated. 
In this case, the moment, freed of all the emotional crap and heartache came down to several returned letters, and as a metaphor to the feelings we had of miscommunication and misdirection warned us of a truer ache, that we were unsure of where we were going and therefore had no idea of how to get there in one piece. 
That is the story I brought to the table here. After a little time reality came to the surface, just as we always hope it will. 
This poem, a moment in time pulled from true circumstances of a real life, benefits from being liberated from the grubby realness of sadness and angst, and instead finds a strong center in a simple lack of knowing the trajectory. Take this thought to your own work and see if you can file away some of that singularity for a universal effect. With a personal non-fiction poem we are not so worried about remembering the tangible, since it is in fact a true event, but instead want to transcend the plain-ness of raw emotion in favor of something shiny and metalic. 

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