Poem 62 Editing

Gotta love those 60 second write-whatever prompts. More goodness has come out of random writing than anything else. If you are ever in a rut just put a pen to paper and let it go. Your had will hurt but your brain will get it out.

In this case, the result is a mess. Of course there is always editing to help dot those i’s and cross those t’s. When you do like something from a writing session, consider these three options:

1. Is it a poem? Does it make sense as a whole, does it need editing, does it move me, teach me, preach to me, or simply entertain. If not…

2. Is it an inspiration for something else? The poem is the art, but the art needs inspiration, outlining, a heartline to bring it forward. If so, carry on, if not…

3. Is it scrap? No worries about scrap. There is always scrap. Even when we frame a picture there is a border to be cut away before it will fit in the frame.

Once you’ve decided what you’ve come up with during a 60 second session you can get going. I like what this one has become, but the revised version needs more work of course.


There is no wrong way to write. There is also no wrong way to grease the wheels. If you fell the need to dive in, dive on. If you want a warm up, take as long as you need. If you are one of those people who can just write and poem and it’s perfect, we are all jealous. But seriously, loosen up and enjoy the process, it’s the best part, after all.


Poem 62 RevisedPoem 62 Original

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