Poem 124

Paradise, NV
I got lost tonight.
Let the city take me southward on a current of my current state of wide
Eye’d tide. I knew the ride, when the city and my mind could shake out a compromise.
My city. Made of glitter and sand, with one hand on the wheel we rode together
In the soft glow of the other spokes going nowhere. I was headed home.
But when I looked up at my city I knew there was nothing not my own. Our night glide
Through recession hollow boom-town swallow me whole, I am a city.
With the memory in littering glittering bulbs, clustered tightly in hopes
Of making ritual the glits, but I sit pretty in my city,
Sip the skyline with a glimpse, the dim simple shadow of evening
Makes a reign of this city, which at long last I’ll call home.


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