SQ 2: Some Logic Behind the Meme

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So yesterday before work I posted a few of my Square Sharables or SQ’s for short, that I thought would be a good idea to jump start the sharing phase of this project of mine.

So let’s outline what we know and talk about why this helps both the knowledge of these poems and the editing process in general.

As editors we are challenged to look at a piece in all possible angles in order to anticipate and preempt meaning and understanding. By this I mean that we are making sure there are as few ‘that’s what she said’ moments as possible so that the art and meaning can be absorbed without distractions or silliness. In some ways that is the control that poets are always trying to get a hold of.

So gather your thoughs as usual, write and be merry. But when it’s time to look at it new ways, don’t get into too much of a routine. Your routine limits you as an editor, even though it may help you as a writer.

I like the way that these little squares follow the tone of Memes like Grumpy Cat and Sean Bean Winter Is Coming squares that rushed the internet lately. They also look a little like vintage ecards with their color variations and all. That contributes to the sharability. And what is a joke, a piece of knowledge, a little inisght without sharing. Secrets don’t make friends.

The inspiration, again, was the Best New Poets blog and their way of pulling out a quote for the poet among the interviews. It was a fresh and needed look into the poem-as-moment movement that we are teetering on.

So what about that. Poem-As-Moment refers to the ephemeral quality of poetry and reading experience in a faster-paced version to fit a twitter world. We are just about to break that barrier between time and knowledge, in a matrix kind of plug the book into your head way. And while that is probably still science fiction, the idea that ideas are getting smaller and more aro-dynamic is something we live in social media without a second thought.

Shaing, knowing, being is a major part of living in the 21st century and poetry is the perfect form to dive in. I did some thesis work on this in 2012 and found most of my predictions to become true. The one waiting for the other shoe to drop is poetry, so why not start that movement here. We are ready for some poems!

These squares will be the foundation of steps 2.5 and 3.5, an effort to develop and edit poems into stages that are both memorable and sharable. They focus on the heartline (the core or inspiring line of a poem that packs the most punch or delivers on promises made in the poem) as a means of guiding the reader towards interest.

Like a preview.
Like a poster.
Like a clip.

There are many ways that the market has perfected these sensory ques and so why not poetry.


All lines should be contiguous
All lines should be full (if possible)
Image is Secondary – Always
Heartline or other valuable line featured

Simple. But effective, I hope. See the SQ’s above and others posted before. I will talk about some of the challenges and benefits in the next posting.

Keep Writing.

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