Postcard: A Moment of Nostalgia

This card took a few revisions but here is the third in the series of five so far. The other are getting a few quick revisions. I love this poem because of the time I wrote it, but feel also the interplay between the iconic telephone wires and hanging shoes represents a nostalgia that we are all phoning back to… do you remember playing with paper cups on strings?

Poem 127

after watching a scary amount of documentaries involving surgeries I am inclined to write out a fear of mine about going under the knife. 
I’ll see you in the ICU
After the chopsticks and the quick flicks
Of silver slivers sectioning us out. ­
I’ll see you in the ICU
Embroidered like a pillow—
Don’t sit up, just. rest.
I’ll meet you in the ICU
After we’ve decided it was time
To bend the bones—out
To stretch the edges—out
To sew the seams—closed
I’ll meet you in the ICU
We’ll watch the roadblocks in your veins
Pass through the tubes and flush away.
And if I don’t…
…meet you in the ICU
I’ll be waiting downstairs.­­­­

Postcard Poem 12 – Wish on a Fish

Dear readers,

I enjoyed the first postcard so much that I made a second one. This poem has been deemed finalized in the early stages of the editing project (now on phase two). And in making this second one I evoked the use of typography to distinguish the different voices in this poem as a conversation.

There are two clear voices in this poem. The question and answer format comes through only via the second voice, a believer of sorts who explains the situation in a unique light. The changing fonts are not a mere exaggeration of the high points of the poem but also a demonstration of a second conversation, happening outside the page. The voice repeats implied questions as a simple serif font while the cadences of exaggeration can be seen in the typewriter, script and brush fonts. Now whether the speaker is speaking to his or herself, a book, a listener, a group or an apparition is not to be revealed. but in allowing the type and spacing to play into the poem a new perspective can come to the forefront.

OR maybe I’m reading into it. You be the judge. Emjoy and Keep Writing (or Designing, whichever you muse decides!)

The Postcard with the Most-card

So I’ve taken things to the next step with the sharables, trying to make the poems feel tangible and interesting. And then Vistaprint kept emailing me about deals and all that. And how can I pass up a good deal!

I also was reminded that there is a postcard hanging on my bulletten-board of favorite things from a conference in college I attended where a woman wrote a lovely poem about mountains and women and all that. So I’ve decided to take Vistaprint up on their offer and make some postcards of my favorites in order to bring to poems to life.

But as my loyal fans (hi mom) I wanted to share first!

If you are interested in making your own postcards you can enjoy these for a total of $20 or less. Theses will be heavy matte cardstock, which is a little extra. They can have envelopes if you want and I’ll just get 50 but you can get more for less per peice. It’s not a bad investment for those of us who are looking for a little extra umph.

There will always be a loss with poetry. How do you make it real, how do you get it into someones hands with low cost or without publication and the issues there, and how then do you make it visually stimulating in a world of instigram and twitter?

You hand it to them! Problems (for now) solved!

Keep writing and start designing, you never know what you might invent!


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