The New Site is a GO!


Dear Followers & Avid Readers,

I’ve moved! I plopped all the goodness of this random poetry website in a WordPress. Hopefully that will work out better for me (since I am still waiting for Adwords to get back to me, 8 months later). Now all of you lovely faces can follow me with or without a pesky Google+.

Please enjoy the poems, the commentary and the photos to come. I am still working on poems behind the scenes while I hash out my first great attempt at a nonfiction narrative novel. I’ll post some of that here too when it becomes more readable. Keep an eye out for new work and some hopefully stellar pieces. I love you all and appreciate your readership. Don’t forget to click the blue follow button to keep up with me!

Much love, Keep writing!

Poem 136

got some lifechanging news! for my love:

I taste your promise in my mouth
It’s sugar sweet and red with heat
and I’ve known it, I’ve made contracts too
and broken them, but not with you–
I’m drunk on planning future schemes
that suck up clouds and spit out dreams.
and if you kneel I’ll stand you up
to dance the steps our lives corrupt,
but not just now, we’ll keep with care:
Linger lovely in this here and there. 


Poem 135

for GHW and her sister, who know the secrets of youth even though we’re too young to know anything. 
I took your dose too,
I wanted to feel it.
I wanted to know
If we earn the age we reach
When we’ve grown up by our sleeves.
The word was a bird in my mouth:
I was singing your sorrow to a subway.
You called me naïve, but I was
Counting tree rings in my coffee.
And I felt old enough.