LIBR 200 Introduction

Hello Poets (& Librarians)

As you may know (or not) I am two semesters in to a MLIS program from SJSU. I am thrilled to be part of a digital community so tech oriented and founded in collaboration. I have posted a few library things here before, and you can expect at least a few more, but I promise I will make them as poetry related as possible.

So without further adieu:

My LIBR 200 Introduction

I grew up in Las Vegas, NV, where my family had a long history in the casino industry. It never interested me; though I was hardly a veracious reader I found joy in poetry and therefore pursued a degree from James Madison University (in Virginia) in English. My father, the pragmatic businessman insisted that I hedge my writer bets with a more realistic major on the side. I double majored in Media Arts and Design to better prepare me for a career in marketing, and decided to be a poet ‘on the side.’

I took a job at a small casino marketing firm in Las Vegas serving a wide variety of tribal casinos across the nation. I was a Production Coordinator and Social Media Guru, whatever that means. The work was woefully drab and after only a year I decided there must be more to life than an onslaught of deadlines. I took a risk and left to pursue more classes and maybe get an MFA in Poetry. In the meantime I had a few odd jobs, including being a barista at Coffee Bean and a tutor for ESL students.

Eventually I found a part time gig at my local public library. It was a Page job but was just enough to get my feet wet with libraries. I loved the sensation of helping people in a genuine way, having nothing to sell and their best interests in mind. I was quickly promoted to a position at the Reference Desk where I specialize in computer/tech help and will soon be teaching classes on Resumes and Social Media.

I aspire to work in academic libraries someday, but for now my public library job is wildly fulfilling and most of the time more fun than a job should be! I still write poetry and short non-fiction almost every day and perhaps will tackle that MFA after earning my MLIS.

Thanks for stopping by! Look back for more poetry!

As always, Keep Writing


(or for the library students, Emilee Wirshing)

One thought on “LIBR 200 Introduction

  1. What a treat it is to read your writing Emily! I was fascinated by your journey from a childhood rooted in the casinos of Las Vegas to your ascension to Reference Librarian. Loving that you are helping people in a genuine way- without having to sell something- that is poetry right there…
    All the best to you as you pursue your MLIS.
    Jessica Berger

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