Yoga Poem 4: Inversion

{Image from Sydney Le Fever on Behance}


Salamba } the body breaks the surface
with height it is permitted to see perspective
and learns the wisdom of the sacred woods
life is a kind of process we witness with ease

The shape begets the mind – begets the soul
we are working ourselves into more solid forms
justifying our breath with deep guttural signs
the body bends and we are rendered infinite
balancing and yet balanced – released

trust is a kind of inversion
placing the heart well above the mind
falling trance to the thrumming of pulse
believing the body to be stronger
than the pull of the earth – knowing we belong there
in the middling well
to drink of spaciousness
& be full.


Yoga Poem 2: Sun Salutation C

sun salutation c

the mountain sound, hollow

against the wheaty reeds becomes

thunder and from beneath;

there is life on each echelon resounding

the mountain round, where once sturdy

folds and is forgotten, long against

the bottom of an eden sod, the mountain

waiting for the invitations of thunder

comes rumbling once more

from the depths of salvation

to greet the sun.


Yoga Poem 1: Hanuma

I am no monkey god,

but I am hopeful of magnificence

Hanumanasana the body bends in two;

& I am willing to trust that,

under the right desperation,

I someday will leap the canyon;

Not today. Not with leggings on…

Hanuma the monkey god

knows the depth of deception

knows the self can be a cruel adversary.

The monkey god knows not of his deity

only of his body – asana – posed

on the mortal coil. The monkey god

in desperate attempt to make the jump

is magnificent with Hanumanasana;

the body bends in two.