LIBR 200: Blog-Writer Information Community

Information Community: Self Published Blog Writers & Poets

This week we are choosing the groups we will be delving into for our large assignment in LIBR 200. In a definition compiled by Fisher and Durance in Encyclopedia of community: From the village to the virtual world, Information Communities are characterized by their use of information and technology to bridge gaps in communities.

I am interested in looking into the Information Community of writers (poets and fiction specifically) who make their work available for free on blogging sites like WordPress (like my own) and Blogger.

Information Communities are:

collaborative groups which immerse themselves in technology to share content, break boundaries, congregate around a need and facilitate connection to a larger community of people participating in the information they care about. Content is linked and made relevant through hypertext and shared widely via opt-in subscriptions.

According to Fisher and Durance (2003) these groups have not been studied specifically because the data is new and the social aspect of technology now is just getting to the point where we can easily see the connectivity between groups, especially those that are geographically challenged. In their introduction they name the internet maybe “an information community’s only communication medium” siting chats and mailing lists as a means to connect with others of a shared interest. Today the chat rooms are comments and the mailing lists are email subscriptions, but the blog-writer community thrives with technology as its only connector.

I have not met many of you and yet we are connected by a shared interest in writing (in my case poetry) and the connectivity is our mini websites (blogs) which keep us updated on the broader picture (tagged posts) that apply to our needs. We are part of a living breathing network of writers who look to technology to broaden our scope of the world.

I know without this website I would still be filling notebooks and sharing a few lines at a time. My work may not be anthology-worthy yet but it exists as part of a larger conversation (a literary conversation with centuries of content in the making just now being digitizes and shared among interested groups) and therefore what we all share is valuable and worthy of existing in the ether.

I am very excited to look into this group (of which I am a contributing member!) and find the webbing between all of us!

Keep Writing!


(or for LIBR 200, Emilee Wirshing)

Read On:

Fisher, K., & Durrance, J. (2003). Information communities. In K. Christensen, & D. Levinson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of community: From the village to the virtual world. (pp. 658-661). Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, Inc.

Shouting in the Literary Conversation

I promised myself I would never make a blog, but this seems important enough.
Everything I know about poetry lives in anthologies. And then there’s the internet: a swarming mass of untapped inspiration and no one to harness it. So here I am, with my puny blog asking for something bigger than a connection or a website. I’m looking for the next splash in the poetry world. Are you with me?
The literature of the time is decided by men and women at desks with lofty titles. This Cannon will exist beyond this year and the next and eventually define poetry for the future. Even more important than that is the Literary Conversation: a trail of ideas and experiences shared through writing and art that spans generations. Will you be part of it? Are you with me?
The poetry sections in bookstores are too small. There are too many poets writing on napkins and in the margins of textbooks to ignore any longer. Forget what you know and share with me what you see in the world. Throw your ideas into this hat and see if you don’t walk away with something greater.
This space is for sharing, editing, discussing, suggesting. The poems you post will be your own, but the ideas we create will better mold the landscape of poetry and the way we treat inspiration. Are you with me?
I’ll start with a poem very close to my heart. Please tell me what you think, where I can improve. Post one of your own in the comments and we will do the same for you.
–keep writing
On Modern Art
Existence depends on brushstrokes
No matter width or stickiness
This oil on cloth—stretching forward
Endows perspective—we depend on
Disorganized mind-waves
Buckling thought processes
Folding one image upon another
Like a resting fan
Anticipating a flip sunward
Revealing divinity… perhaps
Existence depends on the
Static-electric telepathy between
Minds, where one eye sees
A woman and the other sees a waltz;
Where the two are one. Not a woman
Waltzing but the dichotomy of
Impossibilities. A body. A dance. A hand.
A brushstroke. God paints paradoxes:
Neither dancing nor standing still.