Stray Evening

Dreaming: I walk the city
places I dare not go by day
are nigh roads lit velvet in the mists
which cloak the town;
which cloaks my trek.
This is a city in a dream
fearful but unwinding
I find the roads once closed
to me are open
so such is my mind;
so such is the way.
We go where we mean to
without hesitation
this is the gift of a dream;
this is the burden of dreamers.
A lamplight careless road,
where I can pace the median
and feel no urgency.
Places I have mapped retain their luster
despite their infinite recesses:
our starlit swinging doors.




Poem 149


Bell hook curious—the kind that

time to wake up now

wonders over itself envelopes

time to wake up now

and sleeps on its hands

time to wake up (now)

with hollow glass epitaphs

the kind that (wake up!)

catch the light in symphony

—and hold fast color—

in a lidded jar. (wake up!)

I watched the every-strand

form and unfold in tandem

both eyes open saw myself dream